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Whitby Lucky Ducks

Lucky Ducks are small hand-made glass ducks in various transparent colours and have been made and sold by Whitby Glass for over 50 years.

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Jewel like colours

Whitby Glass is a small group of artists and craftsmen working in glass here in the North-East. The Lucky Ducks come in twelve jewel-like colours which match the gemstones considered lucky for each month of the year.

Whitby Lucky Ducks are the original Lucky Ducks

Our ducks are protected by copyright and were first made for friends in the theatrical professions who always carry an amulet or charm with them on stage or infront of the cameras.

Since then tens of thousands have been sold to holidaymakers, actors, Film and T.V. Personalities and to people in all walks of life, the famous and the man and woman in the street.

They go to all parts of the World and are carried and believed in by Bingo, Pools and Racing fans, Motorist, Explorers and Students facing examinations everywhere. Many Drivers will not go out on the road without their Lucky Duck!

Lucky Ducks have become famous

Whitby Lucky Ducks have been featured on BBC and ITV Television, BBC Radio and by Newspapers and Magazines.

Every Lucky Duck is individually hand-made by craftsmen, Lucky Ducks (Birthday Colours) are £5.00 each plus current postage.

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Watch Lucky Ducks Being Made

Watch our video and witness the magic involved in creating a Whitby Lucky Duck.