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About Whitby Glass Ltd.

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About Whitby Glass Ltd.

Founded by Peter Rantell in 1958

Peter Rantell had left his glass making business in a quiet little town in Scotland, travelled down the East Coast looking for a seaside resort as a better centre, stopped for tea in Whitby. The Tourism Manager offered him a space in the Spa Pavilion where the public could watch.

Peter made friends with the actors next door at the Pavilion. They asked "Would he make them a lucky charm out of glass?" Their request, his idea! Within 2 years Peter had started the Lucky Duck business here at 9 Sandgate.


Whitby Lucky Ducks

We recently celebrated our 60th anniversary, Lucky Ducks have a rich heritage…

Steiff Bears

We stock the world famous "Button in the Ear" Steiff Teddy Bears.

John Beswick

These figurines of a little girl and her fat pony are guaranteed to make you smile.


Online Shop

You can now buy the Whitby Lucky Ducks online, view the full range…


Watch Lucky Ducks Being Made

Watch our video and witness the magic involved in creating a Whitby Lucky Duck.